Massage Specials this Month September 2017

Couples Massage on Sunday's and Wednesday's with Mimosa's just $100.00
Relax and Reconnect in a 1 hour Total body swedish massge.  Beautiful room, Zen music sets the tone for a hour of
pure Awwwwww.... the dance of slow, rythmic hands will take you to a conscious-unconscious state of being... After,
have a mimosa on us.... Add hot stones or Hot Oil for just $20.00 more

1.5H • $165.00 Limited Time Only
Jasmine & Tangerine Essential Oil Massage • Lemongrass Back Exfoliation • Spearmint/Lavender Foot Scrub &
Get your summer glow on! In this 90-minute luxurious ritual, be Released exfoliated, Scrubed and massaged at
once. Experience an organic lemongrass sugar polish for the back, a decadent spearmint/lavender Dead Sea salt
scrub for the feet, and restorative full body massage with Calendula, Holy Basil & lemongrass infused Oil to
revitalize from within. Just a Beautiful experience!

Swedish/Deep Tissue Combo Our Most Popular! Just $65.00 Regular $75.00
(see the Massage page for details on each Service & Treatment)

Several styles of massage offered see Massage Services for pricing and details on each Massage.

We mix and hand blend all our body oils and body creams..  We can add any Essential oil to your mix for a custom

*Swedish ( Most popular, Healthy, Healing, Relaxing Massage) $55.00

Deep Tissue

* Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy combined with a essential oil spinal massage $75.00 Reg $90.00

* Hot Oil Scalp Massage.  One of our Signature  Services, No one does it better !
This treatment is beyond relaxing and So many benefits for your hair, scalp and body.. Just $60.00


* Foot Detox

*Foot Massage:

* Foot Massage, Reflex/Detox Package  just $60.00 this month!
See Details on Massage page

* Shiatsu: $60.00

Abhyanga: $100.00

Detox Packages

* Coming soon....Shirodhara for a limited time $45.00

Acupressure: incorporate 5 pressure points
into your massage on us!

*Bridal Packages:
Bridal spa package, Massage, Facials, Pedicures

Other Services....

Advanced Skin Services:
Deep Cleansing/Moisturizing, Extractions,
Spa packages, Exfoliating, Microdermabrasion.

*Healthy Pedicures: Special this month, purchase a full Spa pedicure for $35.00and get a Express manicure Free!

*Waxing, Brazilian, total body

*Body Wraps and Scrubs

*Turkish Bath style Body Facials

*Energy Healing

*Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

*Psoriasis/Eczema Treatments

Instruction, private session or group are available for guided, musical enhanced, silent.
The Greatest and least expensive tool in your box! Learn to use it!!

*Meditation/Breathing Room:
A peaceful, calm place to come to just be... need 30min-1 hour to de-stress?  Have a big meeting or test coming up?
Need to find your Zen before you go in? Come de-compress in our calming room. Leave rested, relaxed in a calm   
present state.

*Stop by and relax, finish your day, rested, calm, more energized and focused!

*Wellness, Spiritual, life Coaching

*Grief Coaching: Transform Grief,
Get the help  you need to move past a loss, Death, Divorce, other traumatizing experiences, Grief Coaching    
Calming Music and friendly people greet you and We genuinely appreciate your business.It is our goal to take your Experience
with Massage, skincare and Wellness to a whole new level.  The Moment you walk in your journey begins.... The scent of Exotic
lemongrass is everywhere to clear your aura and your energy, allow yourself to be open to all you will experience while on your  
journey with us.

We are all about you Relaxing, De-Stressing and we take the extra steps to take you there.  Every service begins and ends with  
Aromatherapy...  Beginning your journey with a relaxing blend of Essential Oils and ending your session with a blend
of Essential Oils to bring your body back to an awaken state, Rested & Peace.. Mind,Body & Spirit

At Mystic Body and Soul, Wellness Spa our therapists are Well trained, certified and licensed to provide you with the Ultimate  
Therapeutic Massage, Facials, Pedicures, & so much more.  With many Services available, Mystic Body offers you Amazing  
Monthly Specials on many of our Services. Therapeutic Massages, Skin rejuvenation, Healthy Pedicures, Private, quiet, Extra  
Clean, Beautifully decorated Rooms, soft relaxing music enhances your experience.

Visit our Water Bar where you will find Fresh lemon or fruited water, Mountain Spring water, Coconut Water, VOSS and Organic  
Herb Teas are offered to refresh your body before and after your Treatment. We do not serve anything bottled in Toxic Plastic.

Our Massage creams and oils are hand blended with 10+ different organic Healthy oils and essentials oils.

An Amazing Experience…
Just a Beautiful Place to Relax, De-Stress, Heal and Rejuvenate…Did we say...De-Stress
4641 Spyres Ste 2 Modesto, CA 95356   ph: 209-526-2464   Relax...   alt: 209-345-4334 Copyright 2014
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, If you no show or do not cancel 24 hours in advance you will be required to pre-pay future services.
Our Therapists come in for your appointment and costs are involved. The room has been reserved and the Therapist booked. When you do not show up the therapists do
not have the time to rebook.  We totally understand life happens.. just let us know.. Were happy to reschedule you prior to you appointment.  Thank You..

Our Mission is to provide you the Healthiest most natural Healing, Relaxing Services & Organic Ayurverdic
products, In a Healthy, Healing, Stress free Environment.

We care about our Mother Earth, We want there to be a Healthy Natural future for our Children & generations to follow.  We all need to do our part in
Protecting our Earth and our Environment, Plus Yourself..  Avoiding using chemicals is better for you, Better for all and our Earth...  
Sharing & caring about about our Earth..and You...
Mystic Body and Soul, Wellness Spa
A Beautiful Place to Relax, Heal, Rejuvenate, De-Stress, Refresh