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Mystic Body and Soul,Wellness Spa
For Health, Healing and Relaxation...
Detoxing Spa Retreat Day....

Jump Start your body with a collision course to GOOD HEALTH, along with a
spiritual experience that will change your life!

Includes a full day of Detoxing... Beginning with...

*Lemongrass aromatherapy to cleanse and open your aura and consciousness, Zenful music & Mindful
breathing keeps you in your present moment.

*Your then served your first cup of detox tea.. To relax, unwind and prepare you Mind, Body and Spirit

*Next you move into a Chakra cleanse and balance to start the detoxing of negative and bad energies
This is relaxing, releasing, empowering.... Learning to let go of stresses that can make you physically   
sick. This includes a guided meditation that keeps you engaged in the cleansing process.

* Your provided detoxing Lemon water through-out your day

*Next you step into a cleansing Lymphatic body brushing..... So good for you.
* Moves Lymph, supports and clears/drains toxins from the lymph nodes and body
* Improves lung function & oxygen to the brain
* Boosts immune system
* Improves circulation
* Improves cellulite and Helps even out fat deposits
* Exfoliates the skin    
* Maintains the skins vital function of secretion and absorption    
*  Stimulates the flow of fluids in the body

* Your detox journey continues with a Swedish massage
* So many benefits here for your Mind, Body and Spirit. I do not have the space to list them..

*Next enjoy a Healthy lunch to keep your moving forward through your relaxing detox day.

*Your lunch includes Your choice of a Healthy organic veggie sandwich, detox tea or
                                                           Healthy organic Veggie salad with fresh lemon, detox tea  

* Next you are scrubbed, masked & left to sweat out toxins, leaving skin remarkably soft, smooth

* While your secreting toxins, Your Skin care professional will come in and provide...
* A full Deep Cleansing facial which includes a French green and benezonite mud mask, after which the scrub is
  removed from  your body with hot steam towels, leaving your Face & body refreshed, silky smooth, brighter,
  detoxed and full of  Healthy antioxidants.

* Next you move into 30 minutes of our Celluma, Color light therapy for skin, overall health

Epsom salt and detoxing herbs and our own special detoxing bath.. Again listen to a mindful meditation,
learn to let go of negative thoughts, learn to react in a positive way... Much healthier for you...

You leave with a huge jump start on detoxing your entire body, mind and spirit.. You are sent home with  
your lymphatic brushes, Detoxing Teas, colon cleanse, meditations and direction on how to keep detoxing
your mind, body and spirit and keep your overall Wellness.. Mind, Body and Spirit...

7.5 hour Spa Day $450.00   Deposit Required $200.00  48 hour cancellation notice