Facial & Skin Care Services
This month our Specials include Tuesdays MiniMicrodermFacial for just $60.00

Our Regular full Microderm Facial for Just $85.00 Reg $100.00 with Dermalogica
Start Spring off with New skin... take off the Winter  damage...  
Buy  4 get the 5th 1/2 off !
Mechanical exfoliation thata removes the top layer of dead skin cells from the face, chest or hands. Diminishes sun damage,
fine lines, wrinkles and reduces the size of your pores for a smooth, silky,  younger looking skin. 3 treatments are recommended a
week and a half apart for best results.  

Mystic Ultimate Spa Package  $315.00   Save over $45.00 off regular price
Calming Zen
sounds bring you to a mindful place of Tranquility as Your journey begins....
The clean, exotic scent of lemongrass clears your aura of any negativity.
We offer you a pleasant organic herbal detox tea as You are placed in a Private meditation room to gently move you
into a relaxed and imindful state of Openess as you transition from busy-stress to where you can Find some breathing  
space to just be...   
Then you are placed in a private Retreat room where gentle Zenful sounds continue your peaceful feeling as your
journey to Healing & Relaxation continues...  
Start your Ultimate body journey with a Lymphatic dry body brushing, moves the lymp through your body and
empties your lymph nodes to detox your body.
This also reduces cellulite and many other benefits.
Next You will be indulged with our soothing Swedish 60 minute massage that will melt away all your aches, pains
and jump start your Body Healing.. Relaxing, Healing, De-Stressing......

Then European Facial.. Taking you to a place of complete rejuvenation, Age Later!.. Mind, Body & Spirit.  
Experience our Exclusive facial Scrub which will leave your skin feeling Ageless, You are Treated Like Royalty here..
Then enter into the most Advanced skin treatment..Celluma Color light therapy for the skin.

Break for a scrumptious Gourmet lunch of your choice from our Healthy, organic menu. Choice of fruit water, Herbal
Tea, Sparkling lime or Berry water with fresh fruit.  
After your lunch you will move into a private retreat ending your  journey with a Healthy hand and foot Reflex care
Treatment.. Beautiful feet conditioned, Again allowing you some Breathing Space.. just time to be in your moment...
You are never rushed at Mystic Body and Soul.
Mystic Ultima Spa Package....
• European Facial ($90.00 Value)
*Advanced Color light theraphy ($45.00 for 30 minutes
*Dry body brushing for lymphatic system ($45.00)
• Full body 60 minute Swedish massage ($60.00 Value)
• Gourmet Lunch ($25.00 Value)
* 45 minute guided Meditation to relax, calm, connect ($25.00 Value)
• Foot Detox, Rehab, Foot/Leg Massage ($60.00 Value)
• Healthy Reflex Hand Treatment ($25.00 Value)
Mystic Spa Package or Gift Certificate

Mystic Face & body Package: $220.00  Save $25.00
Your Journey starts in our Private Meditation room listening to a Beautiful Meditation.
Get completely taken away on a mystical journey of calm, de-stressing and connection to your higher self.
Learn how to change your life in a Amazing way through Meditation.
Next a So healthy for you Full Lymphatic Dry Body Brushing.. moves the lymph through the body and empties the
lymph nodes to detox your body. Treat your body to a healing Swedish Massage. 1 hour of perpetual soothing Bliss.
Heal, De-Stress, De-tox.
A skin renewing facial which includes a relaxing extended facial massage and hand massage.
Followed by time to just relax and enjoy some Breathing space while enjoying a delicious gourmet lunch of your choice
from our menu. Your choice of Roasted Chicken Cesar, Roasted Chicken garden veggie, Tri-Tip in raspberry drizale (2
or more people only)

Advanced Skin Relaxation Package:$220.00  Regular $260.00
•European Facial with extended Facial Massage Total time 1 Hour  
(Value $95.00) includes extractions, our exclusive
Ylang Ylang facial scrub
* Celluma color therapy 20 minute treatment ( value $35.00)
•Full body 75 minute Swedish massage, . (Value 8
*Mindful Meditation or Manicure Your choice (Value $20.00)
Mystic Face & Body Package or
Gift Certificate

Mystic Facial/Massage Combo: $ 150.00    Save $45.00
Get ready of 2 + hours of "It's Just About YOU"
An Amazing Cleansing/Moisturizing Facial with extended facial massage, Extractions.
Along with a 60 Minute Swedish Massage! and a little treat on us... Hot Stones...AMAZING!!
Do something Great for You..  You deserve it. Plus your choice of a glass of Champagne or Chocolate Strawberries or
Brie & Crackers all from our Treat menu,,,
Mystic Facial/Massage Combo or
Gift Certificate

Best Skin Ever! Total Body Coffee Scrub!  Reduces and Eliminates Celulite, Tightens skin and  
infuses the body with Antioxidants.. New cell rejuvenation, exfoliation,   Now with pre-Celulite
activator from Pevonia! Take the Scrub balance home to continue your treatment! The more you use
it , the better your skin and less celulite!    
Just Amazing!    Total Body, Reg 1 + hours $90.00...
with any other Service $75.00

European Facial $75.00 (Reg $90.00)
A Customized skin care treatment with deep double cleansing Steam, mild exfoliation with Steam as needed,
Extractions, a hand blended mild facial  scrub containing a special combination of herbs, extracts,oils & Incredible
Healing substances from nature,  Deep Moisturizing & followed by a relaxing  face, neck and shoulder & hand
massage.  Include ending with a sun screen and a light misting of our Lavender Hydrasol.
European Facial Appt or Gift Certificate

Men’s Deep Cleaning/Moisturizing Facial $65.00 1 hour $10.00 off this
Beginning with a gentle steaming, this 5 step soothing facial also includes deep cleansing with hand blended herbal
face scrub, a generous  application of hot towels. Deep moisturizing and a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage
accompanies the facial. Your session ends with a light misting of our Lavender Hydrasol, which calms your skin as the
aroma keeps you in a relaxed Mood.
Men's Amazing Facial Appt or Gift Certificate

Hot Oil Scalp Massage: 60-70  minutes $ 60.00 This is our service and no one does it like us!
This type of massage activates blood circulation in the scalp and neck, it relaxes your nervous system and thereby
enhances hair growth. Moisturizes and revitalizes your scalp and minimizes dandruff. Promotes new hair growth. Helps
prevent graying, Protects hair from extreme climatic conditions. We use a Custom combination of oils and essential oil
blends.  You will be lavished with a intense neck, scalp, cranial massage for over 30 minutes, Its so relaxing sleep is
inevitable.. You then relax deeper as hot towels are applied and left on being replaced 2 twice to keep in the warmth to
the oils... while we give a mini massage to your hands.  You will need a scarf or hat to wear home. We do not wash the
oil out and recommend you leave it at least  an hour before you wash. Your choice of Scalp oil blend. For itchy scalp,
lessen hair loss, De-Stress, Muscle relaxing,Better sleep etc..

Repage layered facial from the Sea $ 110..00  1.5 hours   A Natural peel that is gentle and effective.
A combination peel and facial for oily-Normal skin. Contains higly advanced bilogical enzymes and botanical which
target and soothe problem areas. Exfoliation and steaming of the skin helps to dissolve dead skin cells resulting in a
healthier, more even skin tone. Helps promote new cell growth.

PEVONIA Hydra-Glow PeelFacial $95.00
A facial specially designed for skin that has been comprmised by ...Again.. Stress, smoking and or
other pollutions. Great for all types of ski,  a soothing yet Ultra hydrating, diminishes the appreance
of fine lines, crows feet and laugh lines, while refining pores. The result is beautifully ageless skin!

Back Facial-$65.00
Back is double cleansed with a gentle cleanser with Steam, Exfoliated with appropriate products, then get a light back,
neck & shoulder massage, followed by a cleansing/rejuvenating mask, If needed extractions will be performed and
Galvanic used  to minimize any bacterial spread. Leaves your back feeling Amnazing, smooth and fresh.. Very
relaxing..as is all of our services.. Add any of our exotic mud /mask treatments for an extra $20.00



Lighting/Brightening Treatment  $90.00
A treatment technique used to lighten and brighten the skin while it is open from MicroDermAbrasion.
Purchase 3 get 1 free  this treatment should be used after Microdermabrasion,  and a series of 3 is best.

**PCA Chemical Peel $100.00
Completely retexture and remove layers of surface damage
Remember skin care begins inside.. Stay hydrated, eat Healthy, No Sun tanning, De-Stress...

Hot Oil Scalp Massage and Deep Moisturizing Facial Combo...$130.00
Shirodhara is one of the most relaxing, de-stressing and balancing Ancient treatments of India... Our Hot Oil
Scalp massage is just as beneficial.  Your journey begins with a Head massage then moves right into the Hot
Oils slowly streamed over the head starting at the forehead.. So unbelievably relaxing.. Our oils are Organic
Handblended for you.. The oils are slowly massaged into the scalp and neck with Loving hands.  After your
massage, your head is wrapped with hot towels and you are left to relax while you begin your deep moisturizing
facial which includes a double cleasnse, our Exclusive facial scrub, and deep moisturizing butters for your face.
After your facial, more hot towels are applied and you then receive a hand massage, you can add a foot
massage for just $10.00

This is a lot of relaxing and treatment in an 2 hours+... You will so enjoy these treatments
When you walk into Mystic Body and Soul, Wellness Spa... Your experience begins and the mood is already set for relaxation.
Then comes a Beautiful treatment to begin your journey to Agelessness along with complete De-Stressing…  Whether it's a Amazing
Relaxing Therapeutic Massage or the Deep Cleansing/ Moisturizing /Anti-Aging  Facial, Your experience with be Amazing...
A Beautiful Room, Zen music to take you deeper into the relaxation ...Caring professional people who make sure your Experience is
Our Signature Facial   $56.00!    Save  $5.00
Every facial is Extremely relaxing & De-Stressing
An Ideal Facial for acne, oily and problem skin.
Concentrating on deep double cleanse with steam. Deep pore cleansing,
Extractions ($10.00) to help you work towards a healthy complexion.
Featuring Dermalogica Products, Complimentary Head, neck, shoulder massage.
Ending with sun screen and a light misting of our Lavender Hydrasol.
Upgrade to PEVONIA products for just $10.00 more

* In a hurry Special ... Our deep cleansing facial with Dermalogica , No massage or mask  Just $47.00
Cancellation policy. 24
hour cancellation policy
a 48 hour cancellation
policy on spa packages.

Relax.........    4641 Spyres Way, Ste 2, Modesto, CA 95356  (209) 526-2464   www.MysticBodyandSoul.com      .......Relax
The ground breaking design of the Celluma LED panel creates a superior treatment for enhancing cellular metabolism allowing for the
repair and replenishment of damaged cells. The Celluma panel is the only light weight, flexible, contour LED on the market. LED therapy is most beneficial
when it is applied between 1-3 inches of the skin.  Traditional rigid panel technologies lose a lot of light energy before it even hits the skin- reducing the
efficacy of the treatment because they cannot conform to the shape of the face.  NASA’s scientific studies show that skin cells are much more efficient in
absorbing light when the energy is delivered at a lower level over a longer period of time and when the light is delivered in pulses (twinkling) rather than a
constant stream of light. The Celluma treatments are 30 minutes in length and utilize approximately 115 light emitting diodes that emit energy in each of the
Blue light (465 nm), Red light (640 nm), and Infrared (880 nm).
Blue Light Therapy Benefits for Acne
Kills P.Acne Bacteria: 90% of the contributing factors to acne * Emits single molecule Oxygen to retard the growth of bacteria * Pain Free * No down time
Heals and minimizes Inflamed and non-Inflamed acne lesions

Red Light Therapy Benefits for Wrinkles
Stimulates ATP (cellular energy) * Increases cellular turnover * Reduces Hyper-pigmentation + Stimulates Collagen formation * Reduces wound healing time
Reduces inflammation * Lightens pigmented lesions * Increases moisture retention and stimulates circulation * No down time * Pain free

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits
Increases RNA and DNA synthesis- this helps damaged cells renew more efficiently
Increases Lymphatic system activity- research has shown that lymph vessels can double during light exposure.

Pricing….$125.00 for Clinical LED Facial includes clinical cleanse, 1 hour Microdermabrasion/Peel, Extractions,
3-15 Minute  Celluma Treatments depending on condition of skin.
$45 for 40 minutes -Treatment includes a clinical cleanse, Tensage Growth Factor Serum,
15 minute Celluma treatment $17.50 add on- 15 minutes, As you continue treatment Add on minutes up to 30 minute session safely and
truly get the wonderful benefits of light therapy.
Call today and find out how the Celluma LED Treatment can bring back your healthy glowing skin
Mystic Body and Soul,                         Wellness Day Spa
Recieve a 15 minute CELLUMA LED Color Light Therapy Treatment for just $14.50  at least 4 treatments is
recommended.  Want more CELLUMA We will honor that price for up to 5 Treatments THATS a Savings of..
$25.00 off the regular price. Get Better Skin this month!
Announcing... LED Color therapy! see Below
Acne, Anti Aging and pain management
Micro-Current sessions proven to minimize wrinkles, reduce frown lines, plump
 lift chin, jawline, neck....
 15 Minute session $45.00
 30 Minute  session $90.00