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Mystic Body and Soul, Wellness Spa

Coaching ..Whether it is just trying to get on track, spiritually feeling stuck, Advancing in life...  Coaching can often help.

Why are you here? What is it you are suppose to be doing?
Knowing your purpose can be a long hard road but you need to begin somewhere, don't flounder for years..If you stuck, seek help.
Opening yourself and naturing the awareness in yourself to find the path for you takes dedication and effort even with a Coach guiding you
When we feel stuck in an area of our life, coaching can be a profound way to get unstuck, find your path and  achieve your goals.

My coaching practice is a creative, relaxed space where you can find the answers you need.. Be open to explore together directions,
Ideas with calm.   Together we  can discover what holds you back so you can move forward with your Beautiful Life with Clarity and
confidence. My Sessions are Holistic based and show you how to  
find your answers in a calm environment at your pace.

If your reading this, you are already getting the WAKE UP CALL...
I believe coaching is an empowerment, a divine partnership into your Mind, Body and Spirit.  In that light, all obstacles or fears, taught
or created in your mind are still  a figment of the mind. We create our realities.. As real as they seem, they are still of the mind. Once
the illusion or false reality is clear, all becomes possible, Your  path is clear and well lit.

CHANGE  is Hard...
Taking the steps to change tends to go against our nature a bit, we can be creatures of habit..  We can get too comfortable in our situations,
which can take us to some pretty dark places and allow us to flounder. Your life is a journey, don't be afraid to step into it.

Each coaching session is absolutely unique and individual as You.  We first work on You relaxing and being at ease
Then discovering blockages and goals...
Devise a strategy for  change and success
Learn ways to Open yourself up to attract Healthy love and relationships
Connect with yourself and learn you are a spiritual being
Learn to Love yourself
Learn to trust your feelings and heart.

Intuitively designed, this work is specifically geared to those ready to stop floundering through life and get on the Your life Bus!
Set life long goals, conquer fears,  
stumbling blocks.
If you’re ready to make changes for your greater good, move beyond negative and life patterns that no longer serve you in a
positive way,  this work will lead you there.

Interested in working together?
Call for an appointment for a  Coaching session to see if it can help you.
I’m passionate about the work and committed to the process. I see a limited number
of coaching clients regularly in order to devote my attention.

Rates, Single Session 1H • 60.00

Lyn is the founder & President of Mystic Body and Soul,
Wellness Spa  where the
focus is Relaxation and De-Stressing with
a  Holistic Ayurvedic approach.  We offer
nurturing and sacred,  hand blended
botanical products such as...scrubs,
y butters, body oils. Hand blended organic
whole herb teas, Sacred blended
essential  oils.

She is a certified meditation instructor,
Licensed massage therapist , Certified
Spiritual/Grief/Wellness Coach, herbalist
and Ayurvedic. She integrates holistic  
wellness, coaching and spiritual mentor ship in all of her work to inspire an
inner path of mindfulness, personal calm and clarity with direction to personal

If you think that you can benefit from a
session with Lyn, We'll be looking
forward to hearing from you.

Spiritual/Wellness/Grief Coaching
$60.00 per session

Call for a free consultation   526-2464