Hand & Foot Therapies     **  Sorry for any inconvenience, we are currently not offering nail care

Your feet and nail care is so important...
It's not the first thing others notice but they do notice....

Manicures and pedicure are an integral part of grooming.  We work exclusively with your natural nails and under the highest
sanitary conditions to ensure that your services are relaxing and healthy! We work with products as natural as possible.

Our Wellness Spa is not like anywhere else... and Our Pedicures are a full 1 hour as you relax in a sanctuary of  Peace, Quiet,
Calming... Completely De-Stress in a Private room... No loud talking.. No 20-30 people...Just you..in your moment..

This Month purchase a full Spa pedicure for $35.00 Plus Spa Soak, Scrub, Massage, feet buffed, nails shaped, cuticle care,
polish with your Choice of ...HEALTHIER ZOYA POLISH or other Polishes

Ultimate Foot Rehab:$65.00  This is a Great Gift for Someone !   Regularly $75.00                                  
1+ hour of Relaxing So good for your feet Therapy...                                                               
Foot Detox spa bath/soak                                                                                                                          
Extended foot and leg Massage                                                                                                
Foot Reflexology
Add Hot Stones $10.00

Mystic Hand & Foot Therapies Indulgences Extra's
Parafin Treatment $15.00 Hands or Feet..Both for $25.00
Summer Between Pedi Refresher Soak, Foot/Heel scrub/Polish touch up $12.50
Hand scrub $3.00
Hot Stones $10.00
Extended Foot/leg massage 10 minutes $10.00,  15 minutes$15.00  1.00 per minute
BioFreeze $3.00
Design $5.00per toe

Mystic Men's Manicure:$16.50
Includes soaking, Hand scrub, cuticles, Hand massage, nails trimmed, Buffed with
Avocado/Vitamin E Oil or Clear polish

Mystic Healthy Manicure:$20.00
Includes nail and cuticle care, scrub, massage, and polish
Gel polish or Shellac Polish $5.00 more
Shellac Removal $5.00

Mystic Healthy Pedicure This month $35.00 !
Our Pedicures are Healthy pedicures... What does that mean? You can enjoy a Pedicure the way it should be.

Private room, just you and your nail tech...No Loud noise, Quiet Zen Music, Listen to a Meditation if you like, Relaxing comfortable clean chairs,
Clean & Sanitized Room.   Room is dimly lit so you can totally relax.  No Rushing you out ! We take our time ....

With our Pedicure you get a long spa bath with Organic Healthy Dead Sea Salt and a natural fragrant soak, leg & foot scrub with organic good for you
Scrubs, Mask and nails filed, cuticles done, feet filed to complete softness, feet and legs massaged and moisturized with our own hand blended body

What we don't do is add un-Healthy chemical based products to your Pedicure.... All natural and as Healthy as it can be.  
We feature only Zoya nail polishes which are the Healthiest on the planet...
They do not contain the 5 toxic ingredients  ( NO TOULENE, NO FORMALDEHYDE, NO DIBUTYL PHTHALATE!) that are so harmful to us and the
environment. PLUS OUR POLISHES LAST & LAST! No chipping the next day! Our pedi room is private, quiet and made for you to completely relax..
Our room is completely cleaned between EVERY Pedicure! Chairs sanitized, remotes wiped down..

Give us a try... This is how a Pedicure/Manicure should be

French Manicure $35

French Pedicure: Includes white tips with soft natural pink bed $35
Remember we only use Zoya polish, it wears and wears!

Mystic Mini Pedicure**19.99
Includes short soak, nail, cuticle and heel care, moisturizing and polish
Does not include scrub/massage/No Extras just a quick, relaxing pedicure

Traditional Polish Change
This is just about the polish. We remove what you have on and apply
a fresh color,  $ 10.00 hands / $10 feet
Mystic Body and Soul, Wellness Spa,  For Your Health, Healing  & Happiness,  
                             4641 Spyres Way, 2,  Modesto, Ca 95356,       
Home of the Healthy Pedicure!