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Heartburn, raging hormones, breast pain, swollen legs, ankles, affect many women during this
time, and make it uncomfortable.  

The gentle, approach of prenatal massage can ease your discomfort, help you prepare for labor and
give you the emotional support of a caring practitioner. We have special tables that allow you to sit
up which can be more conformtable as well as the side position. We do not recommend ever laying
face down allowing your tummy to hang, this is Extremely hard on your back and your abdomin.
We also provide custom oil essential oil blends to help with nausea.  

Sometimes our clients need a little snack or a break during the massage, we know things can change
during this time like blood sugar.. No problem, we have juices and snacks just for this reason...

1Hour Total Body  $60.00 | 1H 30M •$125.00

Devoted to women entering motherhood, this nurturing prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of pregnancy by relieving
tension and stress on joints and stabilizing hormone levels. Be utterly supported. Eases the physical discomforts of pregnancy
through rhythmic strokes and skillful depth. Our team of specialized prenatal massage therapists will safely and effectively melt
tension in the upper shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet in a comfortable side-lying position. Ideal for new mommas anytime
after the first trimester all the way until the day of birth. Please consult with your physician before your session.

Reduces stress, promotes relaxation, facilitates transitions through emotional support and physical nurturing
Reduces edema and blood pressure, relieves varicose veins, and increases blood and lymph circulation
Facilitates hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, and other psychological processes
Reduces musculoskeletal pain
Releases Oxytocin and dopamine
Contributes to developing flexibility and kinesthetic awareness
Fosters maternal touch

1Hour Total Body $60.00    1.5 hours $125.00
After childbirth, massage therapy can a powerful tool to support the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Touch is a simple,
direct way to soothe nerves and restore balance to the body. Nurture the mom who nurtures the child. We recommend creating a
treatment plan with your therapist to support mind-body wellness for a period of time during this life transition. This massage
includes 10 minutes of Therapeutic Hair pulling which releases Oxytocin in the brain,

Jump start the healing from the experience of labor
Reduces pain
Promotes structural alignment
Releases Oxytocin and dopamine, Oxytocin is the Most Amazing Molecule in the World
. This hormone is a love potion, it helps a
mom to be mom, reduces social fears, healing and pain relief, helps people to lose excess weight, an antidepressant, stress relief,
increases generosity and is what makes us very human indeed..
Contributes to the rehabilitation of abdominal skin, muscles, and organs
Promotes recovery from cesarean birth
Relieves muscle strain from childcare activities

MOTHER + DAUGHTER SPA Indulgence.. Expecting is a Beautiful time for Mother and daughter to connect in preparation of
the new life.3+H $220.00  per person

One of our most sacred bonds gets celebrated in our Mother Daughter Spa Ritual. Exhale and indulge in a transformative
experience together. The Mother Daughter spa package begins with a complete head-to-toe Lymphatic body brushing, then  the
Connection to Mind Body and Spirit as your therapist guides you into a state of Mindfulness as you relax into your 1 hour Total
body, Swedish Massage, Then enjoy a tray of berries and brie with a Healthy cracker assortment, Your choice of  beverage from
our Menu. After your refreshment you Move into your enzyme pumpkin facial with our exclusive mask/scrub and essential head
massage with Therapeutic Hair pulling. Then the Ultimate Spa Pedicure
Need we say more?

Deepen your treatment with a ritual crafted exclusively for the new momma.
Heated Hands + Foot Massage

"Be Inspired" to upgrade to add extra time for where you really need some extra attention... or
Begin with a hot towel for each hand, slowly working through the fingers, palm and forearms. The soothing work continues with
Organic Shea Butter for tired feet, dry heels, and swollen ankles.

Have your massage therapist massage add therapeutic hair pulling  with warm botanical oils free of fragrances. A perfect way to
complete your treatment, this ritual supports deeper sleep, full body integration, and peace of mind.

"Be Inspired" to Add Belly Massage + Hip Release $20.00
Enjoy a gentle abdominal massage of warm botanical oils while in side-lying position, relieving pressure from the hip joint.
Connect with your baby in total relaxation. (Available after the first trimester only and with the consent of your physician.)
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