Hair Pulling Benefits....
Even though therapeutic hair pulling as I call it, is virtually unknown, it is very powerful, with amazing health benefits.
Are we smarter than other spa's LOL!
Maybe not, but My Grandma was! Our Exclusive Hot oil massage treatment was actually created by my Grandma who was a
Cherokee medicine woman, a Shaman, a mountain Granny, a Healer. And a very Smart woman!
When she did this treatment on me.. I would get so relaxed I would fall asleep. My hair grew like crazy! And things didn't seem to
upset me so bad for days after...

Always looking to provide our clients with ways to Heal, De-Stress, Relax.. I decided to bring in some of Grandma's treatments.
So I share this Exclusive Treatment with my Clients, specially those who suffer from
I'm often asked after these treatments why I do hair pulling during the sessions and I tell my Clients releases tensions,
releases Oxytocin which is AMAZING FOR YOU! AND RELIEVES STRESS!
Now that I have told you how I learned about this, here is some of the science facts I discovered in my search for why my
Grandma pulled my hair..Seeing she was so ahead of her time....
And the
First here is a word to learn. "
A fascia is a layer of fibrous tissue. A fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood
vessels, and nerves, binding some structures together, while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other.
Like ligaments, aponeuroses, and tendons, fasciae are dense regular connective tissues, containing closely packed bundles of
collagen fibers oriented in a wavy pattern parallel to the direction of pull.
This is so unknown that if you do a search for it now, you will find nothing or very little information.
The skull and muscles on head are covered by a layer of what is called fascia. The fascia is a layer that surrounds muscles,
bones, organs and nerves and helps support and protect the body. The fascia can be soft and pliable or hard and dense, when
it’s the latter this can compress on the nerves causing discomfort and also affect the muscles below.
So it is implying that hair pulling makes it more soft and pliable. This will stop the compression on the nerves that creates
discomfort. In fact, you can say that therapeutic hair pulling stretches the fascia. This reminds me of yoga for the head and hair!
This has taught me that like the muscles and other parts, tissues, have been designed to be stretched everyday to operate at
peak performance.
Just like our bodies..We need to stretch and exercise to be at our peak health..and perform at our best.
This article on Tension Headaches (Who's at Risk and What to Do) says:
Nearly 200 million Americans are affected by tension headaches, the most common type of headache in adults. Women are
slightly more likely than men to experience them. Many patients diagnosed with tension headaches actually have migraine.
Migraine is three times as prevalent in women compared to men.
Therapeutic hair pulling is excellent for circulation in the scalp which will greatly benefit Migraines and Tension headaches along
with preventing hair loss and promoting healthier and more beautiful looking hair. This will also help circulation in the brain also
but I cannot guarantee you that it will increase your intelligence by 200%! BUT WHO KNOWS ..RIGHT?

We have only touched the surface of the many benefits of massage and other Therapeutic, Holistic treatments.
I would have my Grandma pull my hair even when She wasn't giving me a Hot Oil treatment because it always relieved headaches
or anything I was being troubled with immediately & immensely! Even when she braided my hair, I'd ask her to pull it.
Note.. I was taught to do hair pulling in a way my Grandma knew helped But also my Grandma showed me how pulling at different
angles and direction helped more directly to certain areas.
Eventually my Grandma had me hair pulling on her, It relieved her stress and tension and this may be the number one cause of
physical and mental health problems in the U.S. Now with this information, you can use it to help you. I feel that it may work better
on women than men. By grabbing the hair close to the scalp the tension is put on the scalp instead of the hair. But I can tell you,
most of my male massage clients enjoy the hair pulling just as much as the women.
When I got out of massage school and opened my spa, I specialized in Cranial Sacral of which I immediately incorporated hair
pulling into the treatment.. Which had Great results! But I just new it felt good and relieved headaches.. I needed to know more..
I realized that this hair pulling showed signs of producing the hormone known as oxytocin. So I looked this up to see if there is any
science behind what I saw In my treatments.
I found a small article confirming, Massage increases Oxytocin? This article says that oxytocin reduces stress, improves the
feeling of happiness, which creates an opportunity for morbidity and mortality meaning less disease and a longer life due to a
later death.
So that means ...besides what it listed above, a person gets all the benefits of oxytocin from massage and hair pulling. Also
different things create different amounts of it and it looks like this creates a lot of it. Here is an article called 10 Reasons Why
Oxytocin is the Most Amazing Molecule in the World. It says that this hormone is easy to get, a love potion, it helps a mom to be
mom, reduces social fears, healing and pain relief, helps people to lose excess weight, an antidepressant, stress relief, increases
generosity and is what makes us very human indeed..
Of course stress relief means a stronger immune system and countless other benefits. Going back to the beginning, it reduces
the discomfort from the nerves in the scalp being compressed which improves headaches, migraines and stress immediately! and
that alone is worth having this done! Any of our Professional Therapists can incorporate Hair pulling into your massage, just one
of the many, Healthy, Relaxing, De-Stressing, Rejuvenating, Refreshing, a Healing Services we offer.... just ask them.




We are about
YOU in the Healthiest possible way..
Shouldn't YOU be about YOU TOO!
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