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Brief Description:
Most of us have concerns when it comes to our body including cellulite, age spots, sun damage, unevenness,
roughness and more. Get your body ready for serious repair! Renew and de-age with the Stem Cells Phyto-Elite®
Intensive Body Corrector.  

Primary Benefits:
Featuring our unique anti-aging blend of Argan and Comfrey Stem Cells and other contouring and de-aging natural
ingredients, you’ll notice a reduction in dimply, uneven skin and a more youthful, smoother appearance!  

Who Needs It:
For those with cellulite and uneven skin texture and other body aging concerns. A must for those who want to
diminish cellulite and reveal a firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking body.  Weight:  4.0 Ounces
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If you have trouble sleeping and staying a sleep, please try our all natural sleep products.  

Hand blended to perfection & Made with only the finest organic essential oils.
NOW Available... Couples Re-connect Massage class.. 3 Hour class $300.00
This 3 hour class will teach you how to professionally massage your partner which has many
many benefits including lowering stress and improving circulation, strengthing your relationship
and improving intimacy in your relationship. It has been proven that 75% of couples who take
this type of class continue with partner massage with their partner.  You are guided by
professional licensed Therapists.

Researchers found that both partners’ well being,  stress, and coping abilities improved after each
rubdown. Those feel-good results remained even three weeks following the end of the massage
training. Of course, when you're on the receiving end of a massage, it makes sense that you'll reap
these benefits. What's really interesting, the study authors say, is that physical and emotional well
being for both partners—the giver and the receiver—surged after each massage session.

Previous research has shown that couples tend to operate as a pair when coping with stress, says
The new findings suggest that massaging each other may help ensure relationship stability,  and
can be a simple and effective of improving well being while also improving intimacy.
Not relying on a massage therapist gives willing couples the chance to experiment,. Still, it can't
hurt to invest in a class that has so many benefits for the "couple"  If one or both partners aren't
confident or comfortable, that may negate the process entirely so having a professional Massage
Therapist guiding you is important.
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