Medition is the #1 Health Advantage!
Anyone can learn to Meditate.. We make it easy for you.

More & More Doctors are agreeing that Meditation can reduce stress, lower blood
pressure and overall wellness.  Don't know how to meditate? We can teach you!

We can assist you in learning to Meditate with guided meditations and then
graduate on to Silent meditations  if you wish.

Meditation can help with stress, which is directly connected to so many diseases
and Health Conditions. Grief, weight loss, Work more effectively, Have better
relationships and more.

Do you have a noisy family? Right who doesn't? Can't find a peaceful hour to just
meditate, Come in and use our room and just melt away your stress, connect with
your Higher consciousness, find a peace and serenity you have not known before.

Rent our Meditation room for an hour for only $5.00 which includes a
comfortable, relaxing chaise to lay or mediation cushions if you choose. You
choose of what type of guided meditation CD you want and or music if you want a
silent meditation.

Want to get through a very stressful day and not take all that home to the family?
Stop in and go into our Meditation room for an hour and come out a relaxed,
stress free person ready to enjoy your life..

Get yourself ready for a important meeting, That job interview. Had a bad
not take it home, come Meditate it out and go home calm, de-stressed and ready to
greet your family!

Dealing with Stress, Anger, Divorce, life Trauma's, grief is hard in any
circumstance..... Meditation can help you find that healing place, safe place,
where you can go and release.  

Fast track your business with daily or weekly visualization and suggestive

Make it happen!  We can help you....

Meditation is a Life changer... a LIFE SAVER!

Contact us for Meditation $45.00 Private one on one session
Classes for group and 3 or more $25.00 per person
Stress everyday?
Relationships with family
Work suffering...
Give us 30 minutes a day..
in the privacy of your own
For 30 days..

We will CHANGE
Cancellation policy.  If you
no show or do not cancel
24 hours in advance you
will be required to provide
a credit card with a
nonrefundable $20.00 fee
to reschedule. If you No
show again, your card may
be charged the $20.00
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